What’s GroovyZebra all about?  

Since you’re here, I’ll tell you a little secret 🤫

Hi, my name is Victoria Rudi and I’m a content marketing geek. 🤓Why should you care about me and GroovyZebra? 
Apart from helping YOU to grow your SaaS company with content marketing, I’ll be using this website / blog to conduct content experiments. 
I’ll be experimenting with different types of content and different promotion strategies. Then, I’ll share my results with you. Why am I doing this? Three reasons: 
  • It’s fun 🙌
  • I want to give you the best. Yes, I REALLY want to help you grow your SaaS business (long live the MRR 📈). But I don’t want to sell you the same old “strategies” that stopped working long ago. Instead, I’ll be trying new things, see what works best, then share with you the exact steps you can use to replicate my results. 
  • I want to build a business from zero and use my blog as a revenue-generating engine. 

Whatcha say? Sounds like a deal?